Benton Park Prints Fundraiser Raises Funds for 200 Meals for Those In Need

In May, we partnered with our friends at Benton Park Prints for a fundraiser to help us replenish donations for our #FeedThePeople program. Since April 8, we've given out donated meals to more than 800 people locally - people struggling with unemployment, illness or other struggles who simply needed a warm meal and a little love. We can only do this if we have donated meals to give from, and our donations were running low.

Our friends at Benton Park Prints stepped up and offered to donate one meal for every one of their local St. Louis shirts sold during a fundraiser.

More than 200 meals were donated by Benton Park Prints at the end of the fundraiser.

Yes, you heard us. 200 Meals!

What happens next? We have a tally of donated meals that we track. As people reach out and ask for donations, we're always happy to provide them. We deduct donations from the total, and give out meals as long as we have them to give.

While this program was born out of the COVID crisis, it's something we hope to continue for years to come.

MAJOR gratitude to the crew at Benton Park Prints. We were already huge fans... {Steve's wardrobe is almost exclusively BPP shirts. ;) } ...

...but we're incredibly thankful for this support. Please check them out, order a shirt & support them anytime you can at

If you would like to donate a family 4 pack to our #FeedThePeople program, click to here to make your purchase, and we'll make sure the meal is given to someone in need.

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