Pork Steak Dog Takes Round 3, Moves Onto the Finals! Here's Who's Up Next in the #STLDog Bracket!

With a 1-vote edge over the Backyard BBQ Dog, the Pork Steak Dog took home the win this week in the battle for the official hot dog of St. Louis. "This week was a tough one. The flavor profiles are very similar - and BOTH are very St. Louis. Luckily for those who were rooting for the Backyard BBQ, it is a menu staple and will always be available on our menu," said Danni Eickenhorst, co-owner of Steve's Hot Dogs.

Hot Dog reviewer and influencer Toni Pop of Between the Buns TV said, "This week's matchup was a tough one. It really had my heart split in two. The Pork Steak Dog will capture people's attention because it's new - but I'm rooting for the Backyard BBQ.

What's Next?

The Road to the Official Hot Dog of St. Louis continues on Monday the 21st with our Week 4 Matchup - the HYAAAH! Dog versus the Slinger Dog!

  • HYAAAH! Dog: Our famous smoked and grilled dog with grilled onions, grilled peppers, banana peppers, bacon, and provolone cheese topped with our housemade smokey pepper mustard.

  • Slinger Dog: The cure for all that ails you after a night out trying some local STL Microbrews - the slinger starts with our smoked dog topped with burger crumbles, Steve's Famous chili, eggs, hashbrowns, shredded cheddar, and topped with raw onions.

Hot dog aficionados who want to help Steve's make history are encouraged to stop in through Sunday the 28th to try out both (buy both for just $12 and get a ballot!) and vote. Remember: Last week's winner came down to a ONE VOTE margin!

Which one is Steve rooting for?

"While the Slinger has its roots in St. Louis as a late-night food, I'm rooting for the HYAAAH! Dog this round. In terms of a TRUE St. Louis hot dog, this one is the one. It's been one of our signature items and a top seller on our menu for years," said Steve.

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