Promoting Your Steve's Hot Dogs Fundraiser Event

Updated: May 6

Our Dogs for Dollars Fundraising Program is a FUN way to raise much-needed funds for your non-profit, sports team, school, or club. In order to make it successful for you, we donate a full 15% of dine-in and carryout sales (excluding delivery). Because we do this, we only offer a few slots each month - and only partner with groups that promise to promote hard, spread the word, and bring a crowd. To make it even easier for you, we've put together a suggested marketing plan for your upcoming event!

Customizable Flyers

Add your logo and date to one of these flyers. We've provided multiple options. Be sure to choose the one that describes your event most accurately, as we host a variety of fundraising events. If you prefer to work with a PDF format, download the first set of files.

If you edit your creative in Canva, we recommend downloading the PNG flyers and customizing them that way.

Once you've customized your flyers, get them distributed ASAP via email and print. We recommend at least 2 weeks of promotion prior to your event with multiple touches if possible to ensure success.

Social Media Promotion

Below, we've written a fool-proof plan for promoting your event. Be sure to allow at least two weeks to promote your event.

1. Create a Facebook Event tied to your organization's page. Use one of the banners provided below to grab your audience's attention. Invite friends and family to the event and ask them to RSVP "YES" (not "Interested"). This will expand your audience to their circle of friends and family. Ask all of your supporters to share this event multiple times over the two-week period and to share their excitement about attending on social media.

2. Post Multiple Reminders of your upcoming event on personal and professional Facebook Pages/Profiles, Instagram Profiles, and Twitter. Customizable graphics are provided below. You can add your logo and details to the graphics OR simply add details in your accompanying caption.

3. Ask your supporters to post pictures of their visit for all to see. This will set you up for success when you repeat the fundraiser next year. It will give all the supporters who didn't come to the event the first time a sense of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) - and they'll be sure to attend the next time around!

Email, Text & Website Promotion

Send an email to your active supporters email list - at least twice in two weeks.

List the event on your website. Be sure to link to so that your supporters can check out the menu, look up hours, directions and nutritional information before their visit.

If you utilize SMS marketing, be sure to send out a reminder day-of!

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