Slinger Dog Takes Week 2! What's Next in the Road to the Official St. Louis Hot Dog

As votes were counted last night, one clear victor emerged in our #STLDog Bracket week 2 - the Slinger Dog! It was neck-and-neck for several days with the Mayfair Dog just a few votes behind the Slinger, but as the weekend kicked off we saw the Slinger take a definitive lead in this battle for the official St. Louis Hot Dog. The Slinger will be back for week 4.

This week, we have two JUGGERNAUTS competing for the coveted title of Official Hot Dog of St. Louis - The award-winning Backyard BBQ vs our returning champ, the Pork Steak Dog. Now through Sunday, stop in for two of these dogs for just $12. Get your ballot and a chance to help determine St. Louis Food history with your vote!

Backyard BBQ Dog: Written up in the book 1,000 Things to Eat Before You Die, this dog comes into the competition READY TO WIN. This dog embodies a hot St. Louis afternoon barbecue - starting with a smoked and grilled all-beef hot dog, topped with fresh potato salad, tangy baked beans, bacon, and topped with a drizzle of BBQ sauce.

Pork Steak Dog: Pork steak cooked until tender, then shredded and pulled. Topped with creamy slaw, our Steve's Famous Honey Chipotle BBQ sauce, and fried onions.

How's your bracket stacking up?

Remember: There can only be one wiener.

Order online now to get yours!

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