Steve's Hot Dogs partners with The Shaved Duck for the Shaved Duck Brisket Dog launching on May 5th!

Meet The Shaved Duck Brisket Dog: our famous smoked hot dog topped with brisket, smoked jalapeños, and cracked black pepper, finished with Black Isle BBQ Sauce.

Our May special is a collaboration with one of our favorite neighbors - The Shaved Duck.

Located at 2900 Virginia Ave. - just a short walk from Steve's - The Shaved Duck is a cozy, casual fine dining spot that specializes in Rustic American cuisine and American hand-crafted beers. Slow, wood-smoked meats such as pulled pork, beef brisket, and baby back ribs are just some of items that you'll hear people raving about.

We're BIG FANS of their brisket - and couldn't be more excited to share it with you now. If our brisket dog introduces you to their incredible, unforgettable menu, then we've done our job! After all, our collaborations are all about pushing the flavor envelope while supporting other homegrown restaurants.

The brisket dog will kick off on May 5th - and will be in house while supplies last!