The Road to the Official Hot Dog of St. Louis

Updated: Mar 7

Chicago Dog, Schmicago Dog. It's high time St. Louis had its own dog of fame. It's long been a dream of hours at Steve's Hot Dogs to create the ultimate St. Louis Hot Dog - not just one piled high with provel and toasted ravs - but one that can carry represent St. Louis well in other cities with more universal ingredients. We sifted through hundreds of customer recommendations and had our chefs do some research, testing, and development, and we believe that we have 6 incredible options for the Official Hot Dog of St. Louis.

Each week, we will serve up two specialty hot dogs for $12 price so that you can try both dogs head to head. We'll give you a secret ballot at the point of purchase and you'll vote on the spot. (Available for dine-in, delivery, and carry out throughout the bracket.) You must buy & try to vote.

Each bracket will run Monday through Sunday with our final winner being announced on Monday April 4th, after all the votes are tabulated!

The Line-Up

Our competitors in the competition for the Official Hot Dog of St. Louis are:

  • Pork Steak Dog: Pork steak cooked until tender, then shredded and pulled. Topped with creamy slaw, our Steve's Famous Honey Chipotle BBQ sauce, and fried onions.

  • The Hill Dog: Named after our beloved first home in St. Louis's famous Italian neighborhood The Hill, this dog is topped with Italian pasta salad, banana peppers, and provel cheese.

  • Slinger Dog: The cure for all that ails you after a night out trying some local STL Microbrews - the slinger starts with our smoked dog topped with burger crumbles, Steve's Famous chili, eggs, hashbrowns, shredded cheddar, and topped with raw onions.

  • Mayfair Dog: The Mayfair Salad, a St. Louis staple, was first introduced at the 1904 St. Louis World's Fair - AS WAS THE HOT DOG! Besides being BIRTHDAY TWINS, these two stand a strong chance at taking this competition as the sleeper favorite. We've taken a hot dog topped with diced ham, swiss cheese, Mayfair Dressing, and Red Hot Riplets croutons.

  • Backyard BBQ Dog: Written up in the book 1,000 Things to Eat Before You Die, this dog comes into the competition READY TO WIN. This dog embodies a hot St. Louis afternoon barbecue - starting with a smoked and grilled all-beef hot dog, topped with fresh potato salad, tangy baked beans, bacon, and topped with a drizzle of BBQ sauce.

  • HYAAAH! Dog: Our famous smoked and grilled dog with grilled onions, grilled peppers, banana peppers, bacon, and provolone cheese topped with our housemade smokey pepper mustard.

There can only be one wiener.

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