The Road to the Official St. Louis Hot Dog Continues - Round 2 Kicks Off TODAY - Slinger vs. Mayfair

The Pork Steak Dog is crowned the winner of Week 1, Advances to Week 3

When we asked you guys to be a part of history, helping us to decide the official hot dog of St. Louis once and for all, you guys turned out in force! In round one of our Official Hot Dog of St. Louis bracket, we pitted the Pork Steak Dog against The Hill Dog. One brought all the savory, BBQ-y goodness you've come to expect from Steve's - and the other paired a family pasta salad recipe with our smoked dog, reminiscent of a Sunday picnic.

BUT, there can only be one wiener!

The winner of Week 1 was the Pork Steak Dog! The Pork Steak Dog will move on to Week 3 of the bracket against the Backyard BBQ - an epic showdown to be sure.

This week, our two contenders are the Slinger Dog and the Mayfair Dog!

  • Slinger Dog: The cure for all that ails you after a night out trying some local STL Microbrews - the slinger starts with our smoked dog topped with burger crumbles, Steve's Famous chili, eggs, hashbrowns, shredded cheddar, and topped with raw onions.

  • Mayfair Dog: The Mayfair Salad, a St. Louis staple, was first introduced at the 1904 St. Louis World's Fair - AS WAS THE HOT DOG! Besides being BIRTHDAY TWINS, these two stand a strong chance at taking this competition as the sleeper favorite. We've taken a hot dog topped with diced ham, swiss cheese, Mayfair Dressing, and Red Hot Riplets croutons.

Stop in now through Sunday and buy BOTH dogs for $12. We'll give you a ballot with your purchase which will allow you to choose which one moves on. Must eat to vote! Click here for more details on The Road to the Official Hot Dog of St. Louis bracket!

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