We're in Flavor Heaven. Code 3 Spices x Steve's Hot Dogs Collab Starts TODAY!

Code 3 Spices makes phenomenal rubs and sauces -- and they give a large portion of their profits to first responders and veterans. Great people doing great things? Yes, please. We're super excited to introduce the Code 3 Grunt Dog.

It. Is. So. Good.

The Code 3 Grunt Dog is our famous smoked dog with house-smoked pulled pork (spiced with Code 3's Grunt Rub) over a bed of sweet pepper slaw, topped with Code 3's Patriot Sauce. This dog will be available with limited supplies through Sunday, June 6.


⭐WORD TO THE WISE⭐ We recommend coming in early each day to ensure we don't sell out for the day before you get to try yours!

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