About Us

It all began in 2008. Steve Ewing, frontman for the band The Urge, opened his first hot dog stand - a humble spot to satisfy concertgoers' late-night cravings. Steve's Hot Dogs quickly grew from a hot dog cart to a successful restaurant known for its creative collaborations and unforgettable flavor combinations.


In 2011, Steve opened his first brick-and-mortar location on the Hill. Steve's Hot Dogs is a restaurant built around COMMUNITY. The community helped Steve's launch, helped it expand, saved it from the brink in early 2020 - and they are the reason that Steve's is here today.

Steve's Hot Dogs has an incredible team of employees who are as enthusiastic and creative as Steve himself - always working to push the boundaries of flavor. 

Wedding Catering

Six Feet Aparty

Six Feet Aparty September 2020

Dogtown Pizza Steve's Hot Dogs

Collaborating with Dogtown Pizza on a new dog!


Unseasonably warm day and the porch is full in Tower Grove!

Rene Knott visits Steve's Hot Dogs

Rene Knott stopping by for a visit!


Beer & Dogs Pairing Night



Santa Visits


Announcing Their Big Day!

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