Feed The People

On April 8, 2020, we rolled out our #FeedThePeople program. In the early days of the COVID-19 crisis, we saw many people in our neighborhood losing their jobs and struggling to feed their families. Suddenly, our fun family restaurant became a critical community spot, where families could pick up dinner without going far from home. 

A few generous customers reached out and asked if they purchased one of our Family Pack meals, if we would donate them to anyone in need. As soon as put out the call, the extent of the need in the community became apparent, and so did the generosity of the community at large. 

Since we launched the #FeedThePeople program, we connected hundreds of people in our community with donated meals, given by our customers, including:

  • Donated meals to The Salvation Army of St. Louis

  • Sack lunch donations to school children going without necessary school lunches

  • Weekly lunch deliveries to medical first responders at SLU Hospital

  • Over 100 donated meals to truckers who were struggling to get food on the road during the quarantine

  • Individual donations to families struggling with job loss, illness, and domestic instability


Support #FeedThePeople with Monthly Donated Meals

Our goal is to always say YES when we're asked to support someone in need. We can only say YES when there are donations in the fund. You can donate one meal at a time by clicking the button above - or choose a sustainable monthly purchase to help us continue giving back as a permanent part of our business. 

By purchasing meals monthly, you support our small business with regular business AND you allow us to continue to say YES when asked to provide meals to local non-profits, families in need, and first responders.

"Last spring, my family was in major transition due to COVID. We'd lost our jobs and I was dealing with cancer. I reached out to Steve's when they offered up free meals. It was hard to swallow my pride, but it was absolutely necessary. They said yes with no questions asked. We picked up a family pack and our family ate for two days. A heartfelt homecooked meal meant so much in that moment."
- Liza, St. Louis